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From a-natali you can look the full list of recipes in
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Novelties of the catalogue:

New recipes:
Mushrooms tinned
Julen from mushrooms
Eggplants with a walnut
Russian - the site is duplicated in Russian

Here there are recipes very tasty, in my opinion, dishes. I suggest to read and prepare for them. I am sure, that they too will like you.

All recipes are prepared me personally (many repeatedly) and consequently are considered checked up (very tasty).

Send your responses and as can share favourite recipes.

Studied Macromedia Flash. In result the animated cartoon has appeared, necessarily look.

Turtle - very beautiful pie
Pie "Prague" - a celebratory pie
Cottage cheese pie - a tasty pie
Bananas - flambe - for fans sweet.
Ice-cream - a cold dessert
Pie "Nut" - a pie to eat.
The second dishes:
Hastaba - a national Tatar dish
The hen on - Dominican - it is very tasty
Indeyka with prunes - it is fast and it is tasty
Thematic sections:
Ancient drinks - for domestic preparation
Jam and domestic conservation - new!
Pickled cucumbers - preparation for the winter
Continuation in the catalogue!

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