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  • Dough
    • 6 eggs
    • 1,5 glasses of sugar
    • 2 dining rooms spoon cocoa
    • 1 teaspoon of soda + 1 dining room the spoon of vinegar
    • 2 glasses of a flour (torment) (as on pancake)
  • Impregnation
    • 3 glasses of sour cream
    • 1 glass of sugar
    • 200 of the softened oil
  • Dried fruits
    • 150 of raisin
    • 150 of dried apricots
    • 150 of prunes
    • 150 of walnuts
  • Glaze
    • 2 teaspoons of cocoa
    • 4 dining rooms of the spoon of sour cream
    • 2 dining rooms of the spoon of sugar

To shake up eggs with sugar. To add a flour (torment) and cocoa. To extinguish soda vinegar. A dough to spread a teaspoon on frying pan on distance.
To make impregnation: in the softened oil to add sugar, to shake up, add sour cream, all well to shake up. The prepared pancakes to dunk in impregnation and to put (fold) layers as a turtle, to leave 5 pancake for an ornament. Between layers pancake to spread the cut dried fruits and the crushed nuts. By last layer are spread pancake as an armour.
To fill with glaze (to mix all ingredients and to finish with boiling).
To make 4 paws and a muzzle of a turtle (eyes of raisin, and mouth from dried apricots). From above to strew armour the crushed nuts.
To put at 2 o'clock in a cold place.

Time of preparation ~ 2 hours.
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