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Julen from mushrooms

It is required to us:

  • Mushrooms ~ 0,5 kg
  • Onions(Bow) - 3 pieces
  • Sour cream - 200 gramme
  • Flour(Torment) - 2 dining rooms of the spoon
  • Cheese - 150 gramme
  • Salt



For preparation julen it is possible to use white mushrooms, birch mushrooms, aspen mushrooms, "svinushki", champignons. Mushrooms to wash, to cut small parts, to boil during 30 minutes. Then to fry on sunflower oil of minutes 10 in a pig-iron frying pan. In other frying pan to fry finely cut an onions(a bow).

In a bowl to mix a flour(torment) with sour cream, to add salt and a half-glass of cold boiled water. To put an onions(a bow) in mushrooms and to fill sour cream with sauce. To cover. To put on small fire and to extinguish during 10 minutes, periodically stirring slowly.

Cheese to rub on a large grater. To strew from above on mushrooms. Not covering a frying pan to put in heated up an oven for 5-7 minutes before formation(education) of a golden crust.

Time of preparation 1 hour of 20 minutes.

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