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Domestic preparations.

It is possible to salt, pickle, preserve, do(make) cucumbers fresh-salted. I offer the fast recipe of tinned cucumbers.

To take cucumbers of the small size of pieces 14-15. From spicy grasses it will be necessary for us: blossoming fennel, leaves of a black currant - 4 pieces, leaves of a horse-radish - 2 pieces, leaves of an oak - 4 pieces, black pepper - 8 piece. Leaves of an oak serve that cucumbers have turned out crust.

We prepare for a brine. In a saucepan on 1 litre of water we take 50 gramme salt, 50 grammes of sugar, 50 gramme of vinegar to boil during 7 minutes.

Cucumbers carefully to wash out, put on a towel for dryings.

To take 2 banks on 700 gramme, to wash hot water with soda, to scald boiled water for 3 minutes. The washed leaves to spread out in banks, on them to lay out cucumbers (in 700 gramme bank is located from 6 up to 8 cucumbers depending on the size). From above to put fennel. All to fill with simple boiled water for 5 minutes. Then accurately to merge water, to stop black pepper and to fill with a brine. To twirl a cover (preliminary boiled minutes 5). Banks with cucumbers to turn (a cover downwards) and to leave so before cooling. Cucumbers to store(keep) in a refrigerator.

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