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Mushrooms tinned

It is required to us:

  • Mushrooms ~ 0,5 kg
  • Bay leaf - 5 leaflets
  • Black pepper (not ground)
  • Salt
  • Onions(Bow) - 3 pieces
  • Oil sunflower - 50 gramme
  • Tooth of garlic - 2


Conservation of mushrooms:

Conservation is one of methods of preparation of mushrooms for the winter. For conservation approach most of all: aspen mushrooms, russulas, "svinushki" and "chernushki", that is those mushrooms which remain firm enough after thermal processing (do not boil soft). "Svinushki" and "chernushki" to prepare it is necessary separately and to soak preliminary (to sustain in cold water during day, 2-3 times for this time changing water).

From the beginning mushrooms it is necessary as it is necessary to wash out and clean. Then to boil during 30 minutes (slightly having added some salt) and to merge water! Then again to fill waters such quantity(amount) that she(it) only covered mushrooms from above. To salt to taste, to add a bay leaf and black pepper. To cook during 10 minutes.

To sterilize banks. To lay out in hot banks (that is - taking place on gas in a basin with boiling water) mushrooms. To spread it is necessary the spoon with apertures that superfluous marinade (liquid) flew down. After that to close banks a cover and to roll up "machine".

Banks to put on a floor a cover downwards on 2 - 3 days. If the brine does not follow from them, they can be stored(kept). To store(keep) banks it is necessary in a dark, cool, dry place.

Time of preparation 1 hour.

Cold snack from mushrooms:

Tinned mushrooms are ideal snack. Mushrooms need to be laid out on a plate, to add finely cut onions, to squeeze out garlic, to water vegetable oil. All it is good to mix and decorate from above with ringlets of onions. To submit slightly cooled.

Time of preparation of 10 minutes.

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