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24.08.03 The autumn comes nearer! On country sites eggplants and pepper have got ready. In the catalogue recipes are added: eggplants with walnuts, Caviar from an eggplant. Pay attention to pepper stuffed.

31.07.03 Now the site is accessible and in English!!! References are on the main page, cookery and the catalogue.

31.07.03 The catalogue of recipes has replenished with new recipes with use of mushrooms - Mushrooms tinned on which it is pleasant to regale in the winter and julen from mushrooms.

13.07.03. The new section Jam and domestic conservation In this section has appeared are submitted recipes on which houses in summertime are done(made) preparations for the winter: jam, compote, salting.

20.06.03. The new section Ancient drinks of domestic preparation has appeared. Recipes on which houses it is possible to prepare for ancient drinks are specified in this section, such as domestic "Spotikash".

15.06.03. The page with animated cartoons has appeared. First animated cartoon "Polynka" - result of studying Macromedia Flash MX. I invite to look!

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