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Drinks Honey Domestic "Spotikach".

Drinks for domestic preparation.

Spotikach it is fruit liqueur, more in detail fruit liqueurs it is possible to read in corresponding section.


2 kg. A black currant, 2 kg. Sugar, 1,5 litre vodka.

2 kg. A black currant wash out in boiled cold water, then berries dry, stack in the enameled basin and to rumple wooden the wooden spoon. Then the received berry weight wring out also juice pour out in bottle.

Meanwhile prepare for a dense syrup, for what in 2 kg. Sugar pour in 5 - 6 glasses of water and boil on weak fire (in the enameled utensils) before reception of a dense syrup. A ready syrup and juice to mix, finish with boiling, to cool and add 1,5 litre vodka. It is good to stir, filter and pour on bottles which to cork and store(keep) in a dark, cool place.

In the best way if tincture will be sustained some months.

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