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Drinks Liquor Domestic fruit liqueurs.

Drinks for domestic preparation.

Fruit liqueurs prepare from practically any berries: a bilberry, a raspberry, a blackberry, wild strawberry, a hawthorn, a black and red currant, etc.

Vessel (bottle a dark glass) usually fill with berries on 2/3 his(its) volumes and then fill in spirit (vodka) up to the neck. A vessel fasten a dense fabric and put on a solar place on 1 - 2 weeks, shaking up everyone 3 - 4 days.

Then fruit liqueur from a solar place clean(remove) and give it(her) it is maintained 2 - 3 months in a dark place at temperature 22 - 25 degrees.

Later 2 - 3 months of her(it) filter (through a dense fabric with cotton wool) and do is more sweet. For do is more sweet on 1 litre. Fruit liqueurs take 200 of sugar. Sugar put in a minimum quantity of water that it(he) only could thaw, stack in the enameled utensils and on weak fire lead up to boiling. As soon as the syrup will boil, in him(it) there and then pour in the filtered fruit liqueur and lead up to boiling. Then at once her(it) pour in porcelain or faience utensils, give to cool down and again filter and spill in bottles.

Bottles well cork also put in a dark cool place. Fruit liqueurs become suitable for the use later some months, thus they can is stored(kept) by years. At the sustained fruit liqueurs taste is much better.

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