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Drinks Erofeich Liquor "Egg".

Drinks for domestic preparation.

300 gramme powdered sugar, 3 egg yolks, 100 gramme spirit or 200 gramme vodka, 2 teaspoons of coffee, 0,5 litre milk, 80 gramme walnuts, a pinch of vanillin

In a coffee grinder to make powdered sugar. In the enameled bowl powder to grind with yolks a wooden stick during 40 minutes. The weight should be light yellow color. To warm up milk, slowly to pour in yokes weight. To add coffee, vanillin, all carefully to mix. Then to pour spirit or vodka. And again all to mix. Walnuts to crush in a coffee grinder and to add to the rests ingredients. Contents to filter a gauze and to pour in bottles.

To put on a cold approximately for a week. The liquor will be longer insisted, the more it(he) will get flavouring qualities and a saturation.

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