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Drinks Spotikach Vodka ancient "Erofeich".

Drinks for domestic preparation.

"Erofeich" is a vodka with grasses. Concerns to tinctures. Under the certificate of foreigners "Erofeich" in XVIII century were so strong, that similar vodka in those days at anybody from other peoples was not. Was considered, that the fortress of them increases due to addition different roots, spices, grasses. Here we result(bring) one of recipes "Erofeich" which it is possible to prepare in domestic conditions.


2 litre vodka, 100 of mint, 80 anisa, 80 crushed pomerancevih nuts (or 40 of nutmegs).

Everyone put in bottle, cork, put for two weeks in a warm place. Then tincture filter (well to filter in paper filters) and spill in bottles. The stayed grounds(thick) can be used once again. Her(it) stack in bottle and fill in half in portion of vodka, that is 1 litre. Insisting in this case goes longer, within a month. After that tincture filter and spill in bottles. Store (keep) in a dark cool place.

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