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Domestic preparations Strawberry jam Salty tomatoes.

Domestic preparations.

Salty tomatoes - an integral part of a celebratory New Year's table. As it is pleasant to brag to friends! And a brine - an irreplaceable part morning after celebratory a diet. Salty tomatoes are well combined with pickled cucumbers.

Salty tomatoes

It will be necessary for us: tomatoes of average size about 2 kg, blossoming fennel, salt - 100 gramme, sugar - 100 gramme, vinegar - 1 teaspoon on liter to bank, liter banks - 3 pieces.

We prepare for banks. Carefully mine hot water with soda, we scald boiled water for 3 minutes. Tomatoes to wash, dry and fill with them banks. From above to put stalks and inflorescences of fennel. Tomatoes are desirable for selecting one size that they were well looked in bank.

Meanwhile prepare for a brine. In a saucepan to pour 2 litres of water, to fill salts of 100 gramme, sugar of 100 gramme. A brine to boil 7-10 minutes.

With hot brine to fill tomatoes, to cork with covers (preliminary boiled during 5 minutes). Banks to turn covers downwards, to leave so before cooling. To store(keep) better in a refrigerator, but it is possible and in a cool dark place.

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