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Domestic preparations.

Strawberry - the most tasty years(summer) berry. The strawberry which is raised and sold at us, actually (in most cases) is garden wild strawberry. Berries not only are tasty, but also useful. They are vitamin-rich, minerals, contain a lot of fructose. Berries of a strawberry render useful, tonic action, satisfy thirst.

Strawberry jam

1 kg strawberries, 0,5 kg of sugar, 1 bag "Jelfiksa" (a special powder instead of gelatin

Strawberry to wash out, separate from leaves, to dry on a towel. Berries to cut half-and-half. In a deep bowl to put berries, from above to fall asleep sugar and "Jelfiksa". In half an hour to put on fire. Weight stir slowly the wooden spoon accurately to not damage(injure) berries. After boiling, berries to boil 10 minutes and to switch off.

Banks - 3 pieces on 500 gramme - to wash out hot water with soda, to scald boiled water for 3 minutes and to put on a towel to dry. Hot jam display in the dry, heated up banks, filling them up to the neck, close covers (boiled during 5 minutes) and establish on a cover for cooling. Jam is stored(kept) in a cool dark place.

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