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Domestic preparations.

In Russia various compotes are long since popular. Now almost everywhere they are used as a dish finishing a dinner, and also for removals thirst and, certainly, for celebratory tables. For preparation of compotes fresh berries, both one kind, and allsorts are used.

Compote from a cherry.

1 kg of a cherry, 900 gramme of sugar, 9 litres of water.

Ripe cherries clear of small stalks, carefully wash out. To lay out berries on a pure(clean) towel for dryings. To prepare for a syrup. For this purpose in the big saucepan we pour water and we put sugar, we put on fire. If there is no big saucepan, it is possible to cook equal proportions a syrup in two saucepans. After water with sugar will begin to boil, it is necessary to mix the wooden spoon and to cook 30 minutes on slow fire, periodically stirring slowly.

While the syrup cooks shall prepare banks. We need 3 three-liter banks. For the beginning banks wash with hot water with soda. Then we scald their boiled water for 3 minutes. In the prepared banks we display cherries in equal quantity(amount) and it is filled in by a hot syrup. Covers should be boiled during 10 minutes. Banks we cork covers with the help of the machine for corkings.

Closed to bank put in the turned kind (a cover downwards) before full cooling. Thus it is checked, whether densely we have rolled up a cover. To store(keep) compote in a cool dark place. To drink compote it is better in 2-3 months when it(he) will reach(achieve) the sated taste.

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