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  • Dough
    • 100 gramm of sugar
    • 2 eggs
    • 60 gramm of sour cream
    • 100 gramm of a butter
    • 400 gramm of a flour (torment)
    • Soda on the end a knife
  • Cream
    • 100 gramm the condensed milk
    • 200 gramm of walnuts
    • 200 gramm of a butter
  • Painting
    • Beet
    • Juice of carrots

To shake up eggs with sugar. To add the sour cream, the kindled oil, soda. Gradually to add a flour (torment). To mix a dough and to put for 30 minutes on a cold. We do (make) the form half a peach and we put on frying pan. The ambassador preparations forms it is cut out from them the middle, we start (to shake up a cream oil with the condensed milk and to add nuts). We stick together two half egg fiber. We put in a cold place for 30 minutes. Half a peach it is dipped in carrots juice, and the second we grease with beet. To sprinkle with sugar.

Time of preparation ~ 1 hour.
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