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Fritters with meat

It is required to us:

For fritters:

  • Flour (Torment) - 500 gramme
  • Milk - 1 glass
  • Eggs - 6 pieces

For a stuffing:

  • Forcemeat - 500 gramme
  • Onions (Bow) - 2 pieces
  • Salt, pepper



First we shall bake fritters, for this purpose: we shall a little warm up milk, then to break eggs and well to mix. It is possible a mixer. To add the sifted flour (torment) before formation (education) of a consistence of liquid sour cream.

Frying pan to heat up, pour sunflower oil. The wooden spoon accurately to pour weight on a hot frying pan, distributing on all diameter. Minute on the one hand a furnace, and minute with another. Fritters should turn out thin.

Forcemeat to fry, add an onions (a bow), all to mix, extinguish (mix, put out) up to readiness.

On the middle of a fritter to lay out a stuffing, to turn envelope. The stuffed fritters to fry on a butter.

Time of preparation 1,5 hours.

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